Ron - Bass, vocals

The Dead Milkmen were my gateway drug to punk rock.  After listening to Beelzebubba over and over again I started going to shows, the first of which was 1993ish in someone’s basement in Crofton MD to see Webster and Plunger. I was lucky to have grown up with a great local music scene where just about every weekend there was a show.  The Pee Tanks, Plunger, Webster, Vrkolaka, and Blank were a few of my favorite local bands and I credit them for my love of playing.


In the late 90's Shaun and I played in a band named Shorty, with our friend and third member Jeff Tait. We played a bunch of shows in Baltimore, DC, and around MD.  We also toured with our Florida based friends Stick Shift.  After Shorty, Shaun and I played together again in The Chinese Firedrill. After a few shows we went our own ways and I stopped playing for about 15 years. 


In December of 2015 I ran into Shaun for the first time in a while and he just happened to be looking for a bass player.  A couple weeks later I dusted off my bass and joined The Alements.  Playing again, especially with Shaun, Alex, and Dan, has been a blast!